Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunny and Glassy: Remember that?

I just met a local photographer, Jeff Wallis, who's been shooting surf photos in town for the last few years. He's got what you'd call a "sweet piece of glass" on the front of his Canon 40D. Check the resolution on these photos- killer. I think we'll be seeing more of Jeff's stuff in the future, be sure to check out the rest of his stuff at his myspace site. Thanks Jeff!

Dr. John
zipping on the Stu Kenson Zapper. Photo: J.Wallis

Spork swooping on his new 9'4". Funny how a little fin change really loosens things up. Spork's the only guy who SUPs the Alexander Gems... he's dropping to 8'6 for his next one. Photo: J.Wallis

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Anonymous said...

you think possible captneg9.

John Ashley said...

Yep- with the amount of volume forward I do. Isn't that the call on the Gem- smaller boards?

Anonymous said...

yes but iam 200 libras more like 8.10. i just wish i was the gem test boards.ya baby.captneg9.