Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San-O Follow Cam: Check it!

Here's a fun little clip:

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Unknown said...

I like that! Cool angle.

John Ashley said...

Cool- it was fun to make it!

Taylor said...

I loved it! What is the artist/song?

(Pismo Beach)

Anonymous said...

now that's what i like to see. much better, imho, than all the narcisso-cam type go-pro vids floating around as of late. mo' please!

John Ashley said...

Hey Anon:

"Narcisso-cam" Ha Funny! Thanks for the compliment- how cool will this be if it's bigger????

John Ashley said...


Thanks! Cool music huh? That's "The Numbers Game" by Thievery Corporation... they've got a lot of different stuff... I'm holding a REALLY good song for another video that I've got that I'm working on... sorry you're going to have to check back for that one!