Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday. Flat and fun.

Here's a cure for the small surf blues: A big 'ol stand up paddle board. About 30 waves in 90 minutes of surfing. Seriously.

Three other guys in the water.
A peak all to myself. Pulled out the Mahi 2: 10' x 29.5" x 4.25"- a little heavier, a little less rocker... perfect for the small glassy waves that were almost unsurfable for all others.

The water was in the high fifties- this board is so stable I was dry for the first five waves. No suit needed. Paddle, surf, paddle back out. Repeat.

A stand up board quiver, that's a beautiful thing.


jandi said...

Hey John- this is Ian from Redondo. I met you at San Onofre a couple of times.

I had a great session on Sunday too. Thought it was flat and ended up surfing a peak for 3 hours.

Questions- My wife and I are going to Saladita for our Spring Break. Planning on taking longboards and a surfmat. Can you give me any advice about Saladita? Should I take my Standup? How are the transport issues?


John Ashley said...

Hey Ian-

You should absolutely bring your stand up board! That place is perfect for it. I had such a good time last time I went that I booked two more weeks down there in June- and I'm counting the days 'til I'm there.

I flew Alaska airlines and brought a 10' board and it wasn't a problem. I think Alaska is really lax about board length. The guys I went with brought two short boards a piece in single bags and were only charged for one bag- not by the board.

Where are you staying down there? The place is super mellow and if you stay in Saladita you'll be on it earlier and catch the "in between" sessions when one shift is leaving and the other just showing up.

Lots of waves down there- poke around you'll find some good spots!

Tony808 said...

I've always thought that was a good shape for socal. I actually ordered a similar shape from Kyle Bernhardt here in Hawaii. 10'2x30"x4.13" round pintail. 5 fins boxes to mess around with. Did it in traditional polyester just for a classic feel. Should be a great summer board. Still eyeballing a modified Viking or Zapper for bigger stuff.

John Ashley said...

Hey Tony-

That sounds like a super fun board- I'd love to get your feedback on how the poly board feels.

I agree with you- a board in the "around 10'" range fills a huge spot in the quiver. Especially, here in SoCal- since our surf doesn't have as much grunt as what you guys are on.

A little heavy isn't a bad thing either- the board just carries through flat spots so nicely.

Keep me posted on your new board!

Joe Agliozzo said...

John, I think you commented on the standup forum that if you had that board made again you would opt for lower volume and lighter - is that still true? I have been on borrowed boards and am ready to step up and get my own (probably custom). I am really only looking to SUP when it is waist high and below here in SoCal (Manhattan Beach), otherwise, I will be on one of my shortboards.. I am 6-2, 215 lbs with way too much experience (surfing 35 years - since I was 10!).. time flies..

So far, started on 11-11 Angulo for about three sessions, then on an "original" Becker 10-6 for about 5 more sessions that is just a beast (super heavy, longboard shape, single fin, so hard to turn, pretty tippy, but I have gotten that pretty mastered, except turning around is a b*tch).. looking now for lighter, more turning capability, etc..

John Ashley said...

Hey Joe-

I'm on a 9'4" that's really light and I like the zippy feeling of it- you can get it flowing quickly. With the heavier board it's got a different type of glide to it- both are cool, I like them equally.

If I did do this one again (and I might ask for a new version too because I feel that the 10' length is such a "do-everything" length) I'd go for a lighter one- for a couple of reasons:

1. When the surf gets a bit bigger, say head high, you get going so fast with this board (Stamps has got the bottoms dialed - these things are quick) that when you go to redirect the board into a cutback it's a lot to handle.

2. I primarily surf dumpy beach break- you've got to be able to get up and really jam it if you're going to make many waves down here- I'd like to see how a lighter version would go- might feel a lot more zippy top-to-bottom wise... could be fun.

3. Variety is the spice of life- that's why quivers are so great.

I'll never get rid of the heavier version that I have now. On really small days (the day in the pics was seriously shin to knee high) that board is going to be the "go to" for surfing tiny stuff.

I've surfed the Angulo 11'11" that thing's HUGE and it surfs even bigger than it is- it's an okay ride but not something you'd want to stay on for very long.

I haven't paddled a Becker but he makes nice longboards- does he do stand up paddle? That's the question I'd pose to anybody who I'd go to for a custom stand up.

With all of your experience in the water and with your shortboard being your primary board, I'd go with a light 9'6 - 10' full nosed stand up board with a 2+1 setup.

Since you're mostly going to ride it at Manhattan in small surf, go with a lower rocker so that you'll get the paddle-ability and glide. I'd say 2 + 1 because that'll feel most like your shortboards (unless you're going quad... which is then a whole different story).

You should go talk to Tim Stamps- check out the Ninja model he's got- in a 10' length it'll glide and will rip like a shorter board too.

Tim's THE guy for making boards that work really well in what we've got here. Plus he does stand up all the time AND rips a shortboard- he'll know what you're after- and he's a local shaper (support your local shapers!).

Whatever you end up with, keep in touch and send pics- I'd really like to know what you went with.

Anonymous said...

joe i know how you feel just got a 9.4 and now i want 8.11 the less board the better.captneg9.

John Ashley said...

Capt. Neg 9... if you order another stand up, you're going to need a place to stash some of the others so you know who doesn't catch wind of your "habit".

Actually, smaller makes a lot of sense with what you're on right? Those Gems were made to be ridden much shorter than what you're used to... correct?