Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dave Craig: 6'10 x 29.5" x 4.25" SUP

Dave Craig made this custom stand up board for Mitch of Mitch's Surf Shop. Dave's been quietly shaping some of the sweetest boards in San Diego- and as you can see here he's not bound by tradition. He's getting tons of feedback from the crew at La Jolla Shores and they've been asking for shorter boards- and here you have it. I think this one's the shortest one that he's done so far and the reports are that Mitch is ripping on it. Once again, I really need to get up there and paddle with those guys sometime! Thanks for the photos Gail!

It wouldn't float me- but I think a scaled up 9'6 might do the trick! Credit: Gail

Photo: Short, wide, double bump swallow tail... Cool! I don't know what fins you're running there but if you've got access to them, you NEED to get the 3/2/1 G-10 material Future fins on that thing- seriously! Credit: Gail


Anonymous said...

Stand up paddle surfing is taking over, it is unstoppable!

John Ashley said...

I'm hopelessly hooked- and stoked about it... and the more I see hot boards like this one- the more I want a new one. It's a sickness.

Which surf shop?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. I love the look of the Dave Craig boards. Does anyone have info on how to contact this guy to order a new stick? Any website links.

I live a couple hours north of San Diago and can't find any contacts for this guy.

Any help would be great!!