Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just SUP Surfin'

What can I say? Just got a batch of clean photos from Jeff Wallis and I feel like posting 'em up. Got a problem with that?

Bob Hoff. Out of his 'hood and onto his clean new Dave Daum paddle board. I blew it and didn't get a chance to cruise the thing. Daum makes hot boards- they've got a real surfy look to them. Stoked to see Bob out cruising and laughing, the guy's always fun to surf with. Get 'em! Photo: J. Wallis

Kraig Surplus,
which isn't exactly his real name but it's what I call him. The genesis of the handle being the hardware shop that he owns in National City. K-Surplus- heard of it? This place is part nuts'n'bolts wonderland, part treasure trove. There's goodies stashed in those rafters- you could spend an afternoon just poking around. Here's the man himself poking around on the northside of the pier. Kraig's got that left wired, he knows just when to swoop in and snag the good ones; I've seen him do it hundreds of times. Exactly like he did right here!

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