Sunday, March 29, 2009

San-O Surfing: Cloudy, windy... FUN

Had a really fun day meeting up with some fellow 'Zoners today at the San-O Dog Patch. The day started out looking fairly sour with a nasty little south wind blowing the small surf to rags. It was chilly too. But, like always, if you just fire up enough to get your ass of the beach, things start getting better. It's always like that. Camera Grom accepted a bribe of a breakfast at Tommy's to come up and shoot some vid of us snagging a few. Yes, I know I look ridiculous in that helmet cam... but I did get some cool shots- you're just going to have to check back to see my clip!

Here's Camera Grom's
cut of the day's adventures:

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Check this out: BeachSurf is back! If you haven't checked out this site yet- you should. Especially if you're an IB local or you just like beach weirdness. I'm stoked to announce that longtime beach lurker and IB local, Jeff Wallis will be running the show over there. If you like clean, homegrown, surf photography click on over and check out what he's got going on.


Anonymous said...

nice little vid, very casual, very cool. who's the cross-stepper in the baggies and wetsuit top? he's good!

John Ashley said...

Yeah, that guy was KILLING it out there... cross-stepping, hanging ten, cutbacks, that weird cross leg turn etc. Pretty much the right approach for the conditions that day- it looked really good. He was from Carlsbad, I think his name was Coffman?

Can't remember, ripping for sure!

Tom English said...

Kevin Coffman kills it. Check out more pics
Tom English

John Ashley said...

Cool- Thanks Tom... and thanks for all the goodies... check back for an upcoming review!!!