Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating and Dreaming: Somewhat Paddlesurf Related

So all this gray just got me in a funk. I felt like eating and sleeping a lot. So I did. Full rack of baby back ribs, hush puppies, corn on the cob and four slice of white bread. Unreal BBQ. If you haven't hit up Lil' Piggy's Bar'B'Q in Coronado yet- you're blowing it. Took two naps today, one after breakfast and one after aforementioned BBQ (would've been easier to say "lunch" right there but whatever- at least I didn't call the BBQ, uberBBQ, I absolutely hate the use of that word).

Not too much surf to mess around with so I started going back through my old posts and eventually found my way to my other blog, BeachSurf. I stumbled across this old post and since it got me thinking about summer, I think it applies here. A little bit of a rant so scroll down to the bikini ending if reading pisses you off.

The Wilson Summer Cruiser:

Here's the next big thing for all you macro biotic, bark eating, global warming warriors out there. It's a hybrid (legs and gravity) surf exploration vehicle. The frame is composed of organically mined, shade harvested titanium. It's been green-manufactured in a carbon-guilt offset buying, Chinese factory. Our comrades overseas assure us that they are using non-under 5 year old (12 ok... you pay now) workers.

The bike features artisan crafted ball bearings and is co-op distributed. Noam Chomsky has described it as vintage, urban, "street" yet intellectual. Obama has called it, "edgy, yet sophisticated". The rig is Al Gore approved and Martha Stewart (pre-big house) designed. Take it with you all over the world! Bike breaks down and will easily fit in the hold of your G9 and most Lear Jets (not the small ones- those petite jets are so gauche).

This bike supports communities, it cannot be purchased at Wal-Mart. Look for it at alternative cyclo-boutiques in gated communities across the nation. We call it Everyman's Bike, ride this baby to the beach and save polar bears and honey bees. Pedal to the shores and stop heat waves in Bakersfield, Santa Cruz forest fires and the proliferation of crop circles! Limited quantities, get one now and make your neighbors hate you with jealousy.

Or, it might just be a nice way to get to the beach... you decide.
Finish this sentence. You've been a very...


Chad said...

Beautiful post! Not just the picture either, the rant s good! What is that about good BBQ in Coronado? Really?

John Ashley said...

OOOOH yeah!!!! Some good BBQ in Coronado Chad... we'll have to hit it up.