Sunday, April 18, 2010

FIN CHECK: Futures Fins 7.5" Albacore Flex Fin with 3/2 Tech Foil sides- a great set up for long board style paddle surfing.

Here's the fin setup that we've figured out works best for a progressive long board style of paddle surfing. I combined notes with Tomahawk team rider Art Curtis and we both agree- if you're going to walk the nose and jam turns, the 7.5" Futures Albacore Flex Fin combined with the 3/2 Tech Foils in the side boxes is hard to beat. Here's a little clip of Art talking about the set up:

The 7.5" Albacore flex fin provides a nice twang off the bottom, you load the fin as you compress off the bottom and then let it release out of the turn- the projection is sweet and the arc you carve has a nice little squirt to it. If you're surfing has a "beat" to it this is the fin that you want, it's all about load and release with this one.

At speed, the 3/2 Tech foils just provide more and more drive, especially when you're wrapping it all around back into the pocket. The fins let you come way out onto the shoulder and still wrap the board down and around. These side fins are a great starting point for figuring out what you want to run in the middle box. There's tons of lift in these things and the size is right- we don't like the little side bites unless you're into a slippy, slidey type of surfing.

Next Fin Check: We'll take a look at the SUP specific middle box fins offered by Futures.

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