Saturday, April 3, 2010


Okay, ready for some jaw-droppers... here's a set of photos that's got me by the balls; Gerry Lopez stand up surfing Indonesia. These photos come from a deep-cover, gone fully tropo, paddling madman who goes by the code name L.J.S... Dude, please keep them coming!

Photo: Could the stakes be any higher? This kick turn is a must win situation, totter off here and your in the path of the world's nastiest lawnmower. I once read that when Sean White launches into a 1040 all he hears in his head is a voice saying, "I'm gonna make this". It'd be interesting to know what's going through GL's head right now. Probably something like, "Tofu with Curry or just straight up?", dude's got ice water in his veins.

Photo: Is it me or does that look really.... fun.

Photo: I'm digging the foot position. When I pull in, I've got my back toes across the inside rail but I never get my front foot that far over. And, you know what? I usually can't get high and tight enough into the hook to travel in the barrel. Then again, this is Indo- the land of the open barrel right? Do you think it makes the act any more easier? I'm thinking, no. And I have a feeling that GL's got a little more tube time under his belt than all of us... he just might know some secrets.

Photo: A legit, traveling behind the curtain, stand up paddle tube. I think this is the first photo I've seen of somebody legitimately stuffed on a stand up board.... sure there's been plenty of, "looking in from the channel" type tube shots but I think this one really depicts the cover up component much better.

My challenge: I think this is the best photo of a stand up paddler actually getting barreled. If I'm wrong, prove it.


Deisel said...

Truly awesome. Gerry is getting really good to surf like that on that size of a wave.

Test said...

Hey John,

Over here in Spain we have some good SUPers, have a look at Ibon Amatriain:

Kiku said...

Incredible! Mr. Pipeline is still ripping it up and now on a SUP!

Thanks for sharing John.

Swell Surf camp said...

Killer shots. Gerry is still the syle master in the barrel

Anonymous said...

That is CORE....surfing hands down.

I have never seen someone trim in the green room with the FRONT FOOT on the rail like cool and effective at the same time!

GL is a living legend.

Colas said...

Gerry Lopez is always a pleasure to see. Note that a Frenchman, "JVB" (Jean Valere Bordenave) has been SUPing G-Land for some years with some nice barrels, see: