Monday, April 26, 2010

In the water: Manny Vargas Stand Up Paddle Water Photography

Here's a couple of killer water photography shots sent to me by pro-snapper Manny Vargas. Kiwi and I were stoked to run into Manny and local ripper Sean Fowler down the beach last Friday. Kiwi ended up scoring this killer right hander and I nailed a cool little beach-side interview with Manny. Check out shots and check back for my interview:

Photo: Kiwi happened to walk right into this nice right runner. All photos courtesy of

Photo: He told me that there was nothing to do but stand there and watch the lip fly past his ear...

Photo: And at the end of the wave, there was Manny- SPL housing and fisheye just waiting and shooting.

Photo: I even snagged one- but the whole deal with water photogs is that you're supposed to aim right for their head... that lens is an in-your-face type of situation... and I have to admit, getting that close with 9' of stand-o kind of hairs me out.

Photo: Next time, I swear it- I'm putting that thing right in his face!

Photo: Here's one from Friday- the one that got away.

Manny's super skilled, fired up to get in the water and stoked to shoot stand up surfing. The guy's an animal in the water, swimming into collision courses with barrel and stand-o. Check back and see what makes him tick.


In The Water said...

Holy shit JA, you have the IB SUP surfing on lock down. I'm stoked! This is my first time to your site and it's pretty cool. About a week ago, I asked my friend Bob from Bob's Mission who were the guys that are running things in San Diego with SUP surfing... the first words to come out of his mouth was John Ashley. I'm stoked for you dude. Now, next time, aim for my camera and let's get the shot! : )

Sheldon said...

SICK! those rights look nutssss!!! I gotta get back down to IB cause it looks like you guys are scoring :)

John Ashley said...

Yeah Manny!

Killer to run into you that day... such a beautiful morning. Bob's super cool- and he was the first guy I went to three years ago to learn about stand-o.... still the most fully stocked shop around.

Looking forward to doing it right next time I see you in the water... let's get 'em. And remind me to ask you to do your Saffa accent... that stuff cracks me up- shot bru!

John Ashley said...

Any time Sheldon... you know how to reach me!