Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paddle Fuel: Throw it together, jam it in your face, go rip cutbacks

Here we go... FUEL for rabid stand up paddlers.

"Refrigerator Sheeeesh-¿que?-bobs"

First rule, don't measure anything. Second rule, only use what's in the refrigerator or cupboards.

1. Open can of pineapple slices you found rusting in the back of the cupboard.

2. Pour juice from can into ziplock bag of chunk-cut chicken, add what's left of the orange juice after you use most of it to make a margarita. On second thought, pour a little Grand Marnier, Triple Sec and, what the hell, dump a shot of tequila in there too. And a teaspoon or so of soy saw (local pronunciation).

3. Chop up a shallot and crush a couple of cloves of garlic. Got some red pepper flakes? Dump 'em in.

Photo: Getting so hungry you can't see straight? Me too!

4. Pinch of salt, close the bag and put it in the fridge while you chop up some veggies to go on the skewer. Red bell pepper, good. Green bell pepper, check. Red onion, yes. Carrot, no. Sliced up pineapple chunks from the rusty can? Nice you're getting the idea!

5. Get out your rice cooker (every surfer's got one, don't you?) two scoops of rice (calrose, always calrose), enough water to reach the first knuckle of your pointer finger (that's not measuring... that's how mom taught me to do it, works every time).

6. When you've finished chopping and you've got the rice cooker going, run outside and fire up the grill... charcoal is better but in the rain go with the gas.

Photo: That grill isn't dirty... it's what we call, seasoned.

7. Pull chicken out of the refrigerator, dump marinade down the sink and run some water after it or if you are just an effing party animal pour it into a tumbler over ice and suck it down. Chicken Sushi Margarita - the last thing you drink before you wake up in the hospital septic from o-ring to o-ring. Just kidding! DO NOT drink the salmonella/e.coli cocktail.... eat the worm, do a shot or open a beer bottle with your teeth (don't do that either) instead.

8. Thread it onto the skewers, slap 'em onto the grill and drink a cold one.

9. Server over steamed rice, maybe some steamed broccoli if you're a health nut.

Extra Credit: If you're trying to impress somebody or if you just into it, go to this website and make the peanut sauce. These ¿que?-bobs go excellent with it. This is by far the easiest, best tasting peanut sauce recipe out there- and it takes almost no time to make with ingredients you can find in your local supermarket. This woman is legit... look over her blog if your a Thai food nut like me.

Got a great recipe you want me to write up "Paddle Fuel" style? Send it to me: and I'll give it a go.


Willi_H2O said...

Works for me - thanks for the idea

Willi H2O

Admin said...

Thanks for the shout-out, John. Glad you like the peanut sauce. I'll link back from the peanut sauce post so people know the recipe is surfer-approved. :)

Kiku said...

Yummm.....da kine kau kau! Love the rice cooker tip!

Arigatoo...Kiku :)

John Ashley said...

Wow! Cool to hear from you Leela... love the peanut sauce and when I get brave enough I'm going to try some of your other recipes out... you've got a great site... keeping feeding that blog, we're watching!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gail-

Just you wait 'til I bust out my spam fried rice recipe... Super food!

Sheldon said...

I still call um shoyu and get weird looks when I ask for it... til I remember people know it by soy sauce.

I'll take some pictures next time I make my heart-attack-hilo-style fried rice: spam, potagee sausage, green onions, eggs and a worchestershire/oyster sauce mix. broke da mouth!!!

Allan Cheateaux said...

12 u prawns, follow the devain line to butterfly. Stuff with a sliver of fresh jalapeno, shredded cheese (I use Monterrey jack and cheddar), wrap in bacon, thread on skewer and throw on the grill. Fire cook until bacon gets slightly crispy.

Side dish, side dish... waht too doo....?
Remember all that rice you didnt eat from a few nights ago???

Throw it in the wok with a can of rotel to taste and a sprinkle of cumin. Heat through.

Call me to thanks me later.

Anonymous said...

cuidado...too much peppa flake -- o-ring fire!!!

Capt Ron said...

Recipe time SWEET!
Go get you a Yuca and catch yourself a nice firm white fleshed fish like a snapper, grouper, or my favorite a trigger fish.
peel and fine grate the yuca into a towel and wring out the water from it making a paste. Wash and fillet your fish and dry teh fillet then salt pepper and some spices, then smear a 1/2" of yuca paste on one side, heat a pan with 1/2" of olive oil in it just to a light smoke put the fillet in yuca side down for 3 or so minutes until golden brown then flip 3 minutes pull and serve.

Sauce: in blender put pineapple chuncks, strawberries and 1 hablenero pepper or a couple of jalepinos, some brown sugar and some orange blossum honey. Give a blend until smooth. Oh man having that tonite with pompano I caught today...

My favorite Ceviche...
6 lemons 6 limes squeeze juuice
1 of every kind of pepper you can get a hold of a onion, garlic, pepper corns put all in bowl with lemon/lime juice. Cut the peppers into bite sized chunks and seed and vein them. Leaving a only little heat.
Good firm white fleshed fish grouper/snapper yellowtail, snook or corvino, shrimp, avolone, conch lobster what ever or all of teh above, fillet and cut into small chuncks put in juice/pepper mixture, cover set in fridge for 6 hours but better the next day.
The peppers juice and fish will marry teh flavors and cook in the acid of the juice. And OH MY just cool refreshing heaven.
Capt Ron

Kiku said...

Hey John...and Sheldon too!

O.K...where's the spam fried rice and Hilo style fried rice recipes?

Love to put a bit of SHOYU on it, but these days the low sodium kine.

We're supposed to fish by San Miguel this Saturday, so I want to take my board while my husband and crew are "butt" fishing. Suping is so much more fun than "butt" fishing, but I do love to prepare our fish with new recipes.

Thanks for the hot cooking tips everyone!

Thanks guys! Kiku

John Ashley said...

Yes! Digging all the recipes...

Allan... you know what I'm gonna say, "Anything with bacon..." Homey, I'm gonna thank you right now for that. Sliver of jalapeno... yes! But what's rotel?

Just learned something new Sheldon- thanks for that! Dude... we're going to have dueling fried rice recipes... yes.

Secret to spam fried rice? Little tiny cubes of spam... it slices soooo nice and leaves a nice little bit of grease on your hand... yum.

I love "turning" the spam haters with good ol' spam fried rice.

Gail we gotta get Sheldon to post up his recipe on his site... hear that Sheldon? Post 'um!

Capt. Ron... what the hell is a yuca is some little furry thing yall are trappin'?

If you make it down south this winter (Baja) I'm gonna expect some of that ceviche.

Next Paddle Fuel installment coming soon! Keep the recipes coming.

Kiku said...

Yeah time we all check out your new blog we'll be looking for your Hilo Boy Fried Rice recipe.


Allan Cheateaux said...

Rotel is canned tomato's with green chili's, dont sleep on the rotel bro...

Capt Ron said...

Thats funny John,
Caught a coon last night in the trap gonna boil him in bay leaves and then put him in the smoker.
Nothing like fresh smoked racoon dip. Just kidding...
Cannot believe all the time you spent in Mex you never ate yuca.
Cassava (Manihot esculenta), also called yuca or manioc

Its a ugly brown root, tastes like a bitter sweet potatoe.

2 things I realy like and make at home I have had in central america.
Boiled green bananas with a mango,chuote squash and garlic salsa. Taste like roasted potatoes

2nd Arroz con pina
A friend of mine who has a little chicken restuarante makes this drink by cooking rice and pineapple and some sugar down to a slurry with a few coca leaves chills it and it is thick like a milkshake and tastes unreal.
Coca leaves taste like vanilla and rootbeer put together. I can see why South americans chew the stuff 1/4" piece of a leaf will kill a headache or stomac ache in minutes. I keep some dried leaves around makes a good seasoning to and the flavor extract is what gives cocacola its unique flavor.

Capt Ron said...

I was thinking you would make a good southern boy but will will have to get a man sized grill. One that will fit half a cow and 2 whole pigs and 5 alligators in.
Capt Ron

Sheldon said...

sounds good Gail! Hopefully I can whip it up some time soon! thinking about it makes me hungrrryyyyy...

Sheldon said...

yeah John, you know about the spam cubes secret! any bigger and it doesn't buss da mouth like it should. you gotta make um easy to eat so you can get your post-surf-and-grinds-session nap on! cheee!!

John Ashley said...

You guys are cracking me up... really- laughing at the keyboard, great stuff.