Thursday, April 15, 2010

Riding an Outer Banks Barrel from the Inside Out

I don't like to do this. Posting up things I find on the web is not what I think a blog is about. Poach waves not content. But this video has really got its hooks into me. Check it out:

So I apologize for this little grab (and I suppose I did poach the Ellen video but it was just so good I had to do it) but the view out that dark barrel is really cool. I've seen the other vids (My Eyes Won't Dry), for some reason this one hits me a little harder. Maybe it's the fact that it's so dark in there or the angle of the camera lets you see the lip whizzing just past the surfers back. I don't know but I played this one at least six time today and another couple with me pausing it every couple seconds. These guys did a great job with this one- I thought you guys might like it. Enjoy.


Sheldon said...

that's some cool footage. definitely different than Brian Conley's blue, warm water barrels.

is that a Go Pro HD? must be a Go Pro because the sun has the telltale black dot in the video.

all we need is the SUP barrel/paddle mount footage!

John Ashley said...

I think you're right...might be gopro. Can't wait to see this from the paddle cam!