Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Barrels Continued...

Awhile back I posted up some poached photos (thanks again LJS) of Gerry Lopez getting barreled somewhere in Indonesia. I dropped the challenge, saying something to the effect of, "these are the first photos I've seen of a paddle surfer getting fully barreled". I even said, "Prove it..." show me other pics of guys getting tube on stand up boards. Well the challenge was met, reader Colas (and Colas, if you have a link to your site, send it to me so I can hook you up) sent me some links that are shit-hot- and, once again, it's those hard chargers at Gong SUP getting the goods. Here's Cola's note to me:

"Gerry Lopez is always a pleasure to see. Note that a Frenchman, "JVB" (Jean Valere Bordenave) has been SUPing G-Land for some years with some nice barrels..."

Click here for more stand up paddle tube riding shots... good stuff! And here too. Charging G-land on a stand up board... killer stuff!


Anonymous said...

Gerry Lopez is not only a pleasure to see, but he is an inspiration for all of us who has the passion for surfing. He says it all in his book, "Surf Is Where You Find It," and in his mission statement for SRF (Surf Realization Fellowship).

John Ashley said...

Hey Anon,

Totally agree with you.

I like what he says about surfing and big days... I'll do my best here since I don't have his quote in front of me: I live to surf for tomorrow, I don't live to surf like there's no tomorrow.

I really like reading his stuff- I've got a signed copy of "Surf.." and I'm hoping there's a next one soon!