Friday, July 16, 2010

2 Things to Check: Best SoCal surf report and Manny's Indo report

If your little internet footpaths are feeling kind of monotonous lately, and you're looking for a couple of extra pitstops on your daily journey, here are two worth spending some time at:

Manny Vargas is currently in Indonesia and he's beaming down his own special brand of surf report. I really love this type of blogging- it's real, authentic, maybe even... organic. I don't know but I dig the downhome style reportage- it tells way more of a story than any slick travel brochure. Check it out here.

Want the best, FREE, southern California surf report? Then you've got to check out the SoCal surfreport... check it here:

The guy is funny, knowledgeable and pretty damn accurate. And, best of all, it's free- unless you've got a heart and value good data... then you should hit his PayPal donate button and send him a ducat or two.

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