Friday, July 2, 2010

More dory construction... Paddlesurf related because I used SUP glass to finish it.

And more glassing... this time on the inside of the boat.

Of all the steps in the build, I have to say that this is the one that had me most worried. It just seemed to me like it'd be really tough to get the glass to lay down on along the concave inside of the boat. It really wasn't that bad though. Tipping the boat was a big help, thanks for the suggestion Pat. And doing the prep work (smoothing down bumps and filling low spots) before laying the cloth was crucial.

You can see where I've added a thick gob of filler thickened epoxy into the bow. This is called a fillet... not "fill-lay" it's pronounced, "fill-it". Yep, that's how us boat builders say it.... fill-it. This reinforces the bow. I'll lap two layers of glass over it and then come back with two more layers of fiberglass tape... beefy.

Here's something cool. I ran out of fiberglass (remember I laid down an extra, third, layer of cloth on the outside bottom... if I hadn't done that I would have had just enough glass to finish the hull) and needed one more run to complete the boat. Off I went to my local West Marine to buy 6 ounce cloth... which they were selling for $24/yard! Screw that. I jammed back home and stopped by the surfboard factory and boat 8 ounce cloth for $5 yard... score. I hope surfboard cloth is the same density as boat building cloth... if it's not, don't tell me.

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