Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old School: 2007

How funny is this? Check out my first custom stand up... the Mahi wayyyy back in 2007.

I remember that board and am stoked that my brother has it up in Santa Cruz were it's been pulled out and ridden... like boards were meant to be (I'm not into wall hangers). Stamps made that one for me at the crazy, short length of.... (gasp)... 10'!!!! And we both remember me saying, "I don't really see myself going under 10'" Glad I don't have to eat my words- I'd be stuffed.

These were great times for me. I'd just started surfing stand-o in April of that year and when this picture was snapped had just finished a two week drive to Cabo San Lucas with my first board- a Chinese made Big Red by Sean Ordonez. That was an awesome trip- the stand up barb was set on that Baja road.

Fun times!


Anonymous said...

First photo by Spidey. Where I am now the water is 81, perfectky clear, teaming with fish and turtles... and FLAT!

Andy Gere said...

When I first saw that board I thought it was totally radical. When I first paddled it, I remember being amazed at how stable and forgiving it was. Yep, things have evolved.

John Ashley said...

Hey Spidey!

Enjoy it... gray and overcast and junky're not missing a thing... except all your buddies on Date street end.

John Ashley said...

Hey Andy-

Funny about that, huh? So cool we've been there to see those changes.

Can't wait to see what's next.