Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new layout and a couple of surfshots!

You may have noticed... we've got a new layout! I think this is much cleaner, easy to read and takes use of a lot of the dead space of the old site. Brother Mike came through huge and we're stoked for his work on this... thanks brah (now get your ass down here for a surf some time!).

Speaking of contributors, without the contributions of all my local lensmen (and lensladies) this place would be a ghost town. Lately, guys like Jeff Wallis, Manny Vargas and our lone surf shooter gal, Kylie Kavanaugh have been kicking it up and kicking it out... sending me tons of photos to sift through. A huge THANK YOU to them... you guys are the heart and soul of this place... burritos on me!

Here's Nelz from our recent session (this turn is actually from yesterday's video) surfing a small Tim Stamps Grim Ripper model really well. Nelz was killing it on his backhand, flowing through the firing lefts with speed and laying down some killer lines (watch the vid and see how hard he comes off the bottom on those lefts). Here's a little sequence from Kylie K. featuring a lipper from yesterday:

Photo: Nelz on the 7'11 Stamps Grim Ripper... target locked on!

Photo: Shwack...

Photo: Just float it on down...

Photo: And ride away clean.... Nelz surfs that little stand-o really nicely- lots of snappy little turns.


Sheldon said...

digging the new layout!

John Ashley said...

Thanks Sheldon-

Just needed to change it up a little... same design for more than three years! Whew.