Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Surf711's Video: The Best from our last South

Yeah- local shortboard surfers knocking the teeth out of this last south swell. Surf 711 is a local surfer/filmer/editor, I've seen a couple of his clips from down south... and way, way down south, he always does a great job. Check out his stuff here. Hey, I even manage to grab a little closeout wave in this one. I remember that day- tons of current sweeping from south to north with a rip bouncing out right next to the pier. The result? Some serious cross chop wandering north and south right across the peak. Gnarly. I had a six foot oar and good barely stay in the zone- these guys surfing shortboards were working their butts off- and still killing it. Hats off to the real shredders in town- check these guys out.

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