Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bonus Day! Check out our little day of surf...

This ended up being a really fun day of surf! Check it out:

Cool things:

1. The water temp started off in the low 60's and in two hours warmed up into the mid-60's... weird and cool.

2. How's that big yellow noserider? That's my new Stamps 10'6" Dog Patch Dominator model with the Ninja Bump tail... sooo fun! Learn more about this quiver builder this week... check back!

3. I finally got a chance to ride one of David Craig's channel bottom small stand up boards... and THEY'RE HOT BOARDS!!! Check out the white 9'6 I'm on... stable and surfy- great boards!

Got to hang out with Hawaiian Chris- one of the nicest people around and skilled on all types of surfcraft- ripping!

5. All kinds of local stand up paddlers out today- lots of fun!

Bonus Day!!!


Kiku said...

Nice...I spoke with Dave Craig this today and he told me to look out for this video! Sweet! So you like the "channel" bottom?! I just ordered my 7'7" from David....can't wait!

Thanks again for sharing the video John!

John Ashley said...

That channel bottom is really fun! I was super stoked on it- very loose off the top and a frickin' rocket off the bottom... got some good little lip smacks with it- you're going to love yours.

Anonymous said...

When you wear a fullsuit while you are on a SUP you look like a barn. The idea of standing on top of the water yet still needing a wetsuit is beside me. Call me crazy, but wetsuits are designed more for people actually in the water? The sport needs less bad surfers in wetsuits and more soulful people surfing away from surfing crowds. No wonder why they hate us. Way to ruin another fun water sport, you should have just stuck to longboarding with giant rashguards with reef booties. Or just go full retro... give skimboarding another go.

John Ashley said...

Hey Anonymous-Guy:

1. Maybe you haven't looked closely at me... it doesn't matter what I wear, I ALWAYS look like a Barn...

2. Let's stop this anonymous nonsense- you're obviously a highly skilled, soulful, stand up paddler (you did say "us" didn't you?) ripper, so let's go for a surf and you can show me how it's done: 619-213-6622 or are you too much of a pussy?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Sheldon said...

hmm, interesting. I'd agree with the "lose the wetsuit" movement IF I never fell off my board, ever. but personally, I think if you're not falling, you're not learning. when I was learning to snap off the top of a closeout, I fell 7-8 out of 10 times... now I can land them 7-8 out of 10 times.

John, when anonymous person calls, let me know, cause I want to see how it's done as well. haha! :)

Capt Ron said...

This is just to funny. If I am cold I wear something warm, if I am hot I wear something cool, if the sun is bright and I am getting sun burnt or rashed up I wear a huge rash guard, if my bare feet hurt I wear supportive shoes, and if my knee hurts I wear a brace, as with my wrist, elbows and ankles, And if someone asks me stupid questions about these things I WHACK some sense into them with my paddle... Little do the "COOL People" know all of us are Barney's.... WHo cares, Just have fun with it while you are still breathing and enjoying this wonderful planet.

Anonymous said...

where is all this hate coming from?cant we just get along?i will surf c street anytime i want nothing but old men and longboarders nothing wrong with that.stay inside the point and float south and i love costco steve king i do not wear a wetsuit but i do wear boottis am a koooooook.haha