Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just some South Swell Surf Photos....

These are from the last south that came through... some fun days from that one. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the eddy won't ruin this one! Check 'em out:

Photo: Big Chad, fading right to go left- this is one of the sweetest lines in the book and if it's done right it whips you right into the pocket. This little move requires some leg strength since you'll need to whip that whole thing around pretty much off the flats... do it wrong and your legs go to jelly right off the bottom... and the whole thing runs away from you. Credit: Kylie K.

Photo: Check out the cool arc Chad's turn etches into this little left hander... so much nicer than just angling for the shoulder. Credit: Kylie K.

Photo: Here's the other half of the arc... equally cool. Credit: Kylie K.

Photo: Javi ditched the stand-o for his 5-something Channel Islands twin keel fish. Nice lipper. Credit: Pilgy

Photo: And ride away clean... Credit: Pilgy

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Thanks for the STOKE!!!