Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little sunshine... a little ray of hope.

This has got to be the grayest summer of my life! Luckily, we got a break around 3pm today and the sun popped out. It's amazing the change a little sunshine can bring to your day- everything just gets a little better. Here's an example- a quick little surf-check bike ride turned into a nice little afternoon surf talk cocktail hour, the result of an impromptu invite from a friend out working on the yard. There's nothing like sipping a Cuba Libre in the middle of a summer day- that's the taste of classic California. The wind even backed down and the surf got really fun- and the water seemed a lot more comfortable. I trunked it. I even snagged some real screamers. I'm telling you, a little bit of sunlight goes a long way. Let it shine, shine, shine!

A sweet ending to a sweet day.

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