Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Fishing: Hooked SUP from Maui... RAD!!!

Just unwrapped this today and took her out for a test paddle. This board is getting me fired up- check it out:

The board was designed and tested by Alex Aguera in Hawaii, it's meant to be a full utility model with super boxy (high volume) rails, wide squared off tail and a really beamy mid-section. This all adds up to a very stable board that's perfect for strapping a cooler and a couple of poles onto and going for a slow troll. I really like the fully padded deck- it's super comfortable and is going to be perfect for cruising around with the dog.

With the fin it the board actually has some pretty surfy looking lines to it- you can bet I'm going to be paddling this one out to the river mouth for a little test surf in the small stuff. The board paddles really well- we had it out today in both glassy conditions (in a protected part of the bay) and also paddled it straight into the teeth of a 10 knot headwind. In both cases the board scooted right along. I don't think it's a stretch to envision a fully loaded angler cruising four or five miles on this thing- especially if you're slow trolling in glassy water.

At one point during our paddle, I had my friend jump on board with me. Unbelievably, with a combined weight of around 345lbs (yep, 235 of that was all me) that board just powered right along. Now that fact opens up a lot of possibilities. Here's one: tandem surfing- how fun would it be to power into some mushburgers on this thing with two of you on it? How about this: strap my 6'4 to the front and a cooler to the back and cruise the thing out to the tip of Point Loma for a little session at the boat-in-only waves out there?

It all sounds good to me- and the more I look at Alex Aguera's Hooked SUP fishing board- the more excited I get.

Stay tuned for a full fishing report from aboard the Hooked SUP!


Swell Surf camp said...

Interesting board, and interesting idea, I prefer to ride waves on an SUP, and take a boat for fishing.

Anonymous said...


You know those kelp paddies in my backyard... lets go my brother! Right after my finger grows back...
Gonna be trolling for yellows on my Bark 18 as soon as the doc gives me the ok.

Standie Strand

John Ashley said...

Yeah Tim! Lemme know and we're out there! Let me know if you want to try it out.