Monday, August 30, 2010

Without pix this session means nothing...

Here's an internet credo: "Pix or GTFO". So here's some photos of this weekend's surf- now go figure out what GTFO means.

Rolled up to the beach just in time to see this set come through. Hmmm... a little meaty.

While keeping a vigilant eye open for the local, senior citizen pest-patrol or the bicycle mounted ticket cop, I spy Big Chad coming up on my six with his Stamps stand up board.

Big Chad snagged a couple but there were some dues to be paid. It was kind of grunty out there and everyone got picked off once or twice.

Kiwi came rolling up and snagged a couple of good ones.

Patented Kiwi-Kutback, southern hemisphere style.

I saw two boards get snapped that morning.

I don't think Pat can bring this one back to life.

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