Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's this all about???

By the time you read this I'm sure I'll have wrapped about a hundred cutbacks and surfed over a mile- that's right, heading to the big left southern point breaks... again. Yes!

This is all I need for a four day surgical strike (clockwise from the bottom): $400 in pesos (in two hundred peso notes), Headhunter sunscreen (the best), Sony Reader (loaded up with a couple of good reads), head lamp, back up set of Future Fins Gerry Lopez Thrusters, sunglasses, sound canceling headphones, O'neill longsleeve rashy with the back zip pocket (must have for Mex.), two pairs trunks, four tee-shirts, "going home" clothes (in plastic bag), full size tripod (hoping for some video footage), Emerald City coolies, FCS back up leash (FCS, the best I've tried), screw top water bottle (for mixing up Kool-aid which makes warm water taste good), couple of cameras and some SD cards. Done.

For boards: I'm only bringing one this time- 9'1 Stamps Viking/Bump in the FCS stand up board bag (I've heard they stopped making them which is a shame- they were great travel bags).

I'll try to post from down south.... check back, amigo.

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