Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well this is something new for me...

I've never in my life anticipated the release of a new album. For some reason, this band, The Steeldrivers, has captivated me. I'm hooked. It's that clean, non-gimmicky sound coupled to those deep, raspy vocals that just gets me. You can't fake it in a band like this. Check out the video, five players, a mike and some amplifiers. Tune up, step up and belt it out- now that's pure. Man, this is traveling music- the kind of stuff that makes me want to load the truck with boards, boats and bikes and head... somewhere out there. Check them out:

You've got to understand, I've never been a country music fan- total apologies to the Merle devotees out there but that stuff has never appealed to me. And the "new" country?  If I ever hear the "Achey Breakey Heart" again I'll blow groceries across the face of this monitor.

The new album comes out Sept. 7th. I can hardly wait.


Rob said...

Love the Steeldrivers, have seen at Merle the last couple years. Imagine my surprise finding them on a SUP site. I'm considering adding another board sport to my growing list of flat things I already ride on snow, streets, water and living room floors.

John Ashley said...

Cool! Just found out that their lead singer left to form a new band... but new CD has him on it. They've since picked up a new lead singer- he's good too but, damn, just not the same.

Anonymous said...


Johnny Cash, American Recordings I. It will change your life. It is not Country though... as Johnny Cash was the first punk, and (essentially) the first rapper... Will check them out.


John Ashley said...

Yeah Tim-

Early CASH- that guy was the king- I'll go check that out... stoked on the music tips... I've got wide ranging tastes. Example: Last three downloads:

1. Danzig (Twist of Cain... gonna be the next track for my mainland vid... oops, did I let the cat out of the bolsa?)

2. Gotan Project: La Gloria... also a contender for a vid... good stuff.

3. Red Stick Ramblers: Dog gone my time... and everything else- those guys rule.

Capt Ron said...

Now John while we are driving through the desert 1000s of miles from nowhere this winter I am not going to hear dualing banjo's coming from you vehicle am I? You got a mighty pretty mouth on you boyyy...
I am a redneck from the south and that deliverance movie scared the hell out of us too..
Pretty funny,
Capt Ron

John Ashley said...

... and I am a rather soft-skinned, half asian man... dude, I just creeped myself out.