Friday, August 15, 2008

THE BIG CHAD REPORT: Appetizers and Sloppy Seconds

The surf was not perfect but it was fun. Kind of had to take a gamble and see if the wave you chose was one of the closeouts or one of the ones that were peeling down the line from the pier to the hotel.

I paddled out there pretty late. It was well after 8 am. before I hit the water this morning. Apparently that worked out in my favor. A few people who were out earlier told me it got better as they were getting out.
I love seeing pictures of myself, but come on! Get out there, say hello to my photographer on the way out (can't miss her she'll be wearing a baby Bjorn and have a little boy at her feet with a face full of sand).

Gear up for the weekend summer crowd. Tomorrow may be a good day to get on it early and hope the waves hook you up!

I took a chance on getting seconds today and paddled out gain at about 7:00 pm. There were some good ones to be had but they were breaking close to shore and a lot of them were closing out. Very similar to the morning session, but it felt good getting ion the water, cooling off and grabbing a few waves.

None of the surf pictures showed up (too dark) but the view of the full moon from the water was incredible. Looking back at pier plaza from the water the moon was just clearing the palm trees. Made me wish I had my water camera with me, it would have been a good one.

I am getting a lot of requests for

lessons right now, don't miss out. Pick a date and get it in the calendar now!

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