Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coastal Run: San Diego to Bandon to Bend

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We're out of here tomorrow. Doing the coast from the Mexican Border up to the southern Oregon coast and then over to paddle through Bend. Stoked. Our goal is to paddle a river, lake or ocean each day.

Basically, we've got a lot of time, a good vehicle and a couple of stand up boards. I haven't really looked around too much in some of these spots so I'm excited to check 'em out. We're going with the, "if it's a fun place we'll stick around" plan of action. Of course if it sucks, we're out of there!

Here's a brief itinerary. You'll notice that it's heavily food influenced! If you've got recommendations (we like holes in the wall, local favorites and hidden treats of all kinds) for me in any of the cities along our route- please email them to me at and we'll do our best to hit them up. The funkier the better!

San Luis Obispo: Got to hit up that bbq joint that serves the pulled pork sandwiches covered in cole slaw. Forgot the name of the place but that sandwich lingers in my mind. I'm going to hit up Jalama along the way and see if it's not too blown out to get in a little surf.

Fort Bragg: There's a brewery there with ridiculously good onion rings. And some stellar microbrew. Don't know what there is to paddle up there but it'll be fun to poke around.

Bandon, Oregon: We're haunted by this little fish and chip joint we found right by the shore. Could be super windy but there's lots of water around that area- I'm sure we'll find something.

Bend: I've got no idea what Bend's holding. I've never been there- but I'm stoked to go.

Reno, Nevada: Got a jar full of quarters and I know Tahoe is somewhere nearby- we'll see.

Mammoth Lakes: I have no idea.

Once again, I'm going to try to post from the road using the mobile unit. My back up is a guest contributor- we'll see how he does.

While I'm gone, Big Chad will be handling the paddle surf lessons here in San Diego. Quit thinking about it and jump into action, this is a sport that anybody can be successful at- now is your chance!

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Anonymous said...

Yes we are land locked here in Bend-home of Gerry Lopez but we have lakes and river galore. A quick easy paddle up the deschutes river is a must starting at Alder Creek and Kayak on the deschutes river in the old mill district. Then a trip up and over Mt. Bachelor to one of many Mt. Lakes. Sparks lake being one of my favorite as the view are spectacular and the water is clear, blue and warm. End your day downtown bend at the Deschutes Brewery. You are in for a treat here in Bend Oregon. Enjoy your stay. Paddleboarding has caught on big time.

John Ashley said...

Yep- Oregon was an UNREAL stand up trip- we did it last summer and did the paddle down the Deschutes with Randal Barna and his family. Ended it with a KILLER meal at a tapas restaurant overlooking the river.

Bend rules... we had a GREAT trip!