Monday, August 18, 2008


This family will be the talk of Baja for weeks. Anyone who sees this thing going down old highway one will have a reaction. Some will snicker, some will awe, some will be envious and others will be frozen in the pure bliss of bewilderment. These guys are going down into the heart of Baja with no regrets. They are going to have everything they need to have a week of fun in their family's way of saying goodbye to summer.

I'm not sure anyone has ever done Baja like this before. Mateo is loading up for his own Olympics, Baja style. Family events will include, but will not be limited to: swing the trapeze Hobie Cat sailing, stand-up surfing (of course), dirt biking, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, spear fishing, and scrabble. As usual all adult participants will receive Pacifico Ballenas as medals.

So, here is the story behind the rig. Matt had some goals he wanted to accomplish on this trip. He wanted to surf, ride motorcycles and sail. That along with all the normal camping gear, four adults and a kid and you have what you see here. He has the trailer primarily for the bikes. He has lumber racks over the shell already, which are great for the surf/paddle boards, but how to load the Hobie Cat?

The solution? Take off the two roller bars from the Hobie trailer and use u-bolts to lock them down on top of the lumber racks. The space in between the hulls still allows for plenty of surfboards and the mast. If you are daring enough you can climb on top and jump around, or just take a nap.

Can't wait to see some of the video and pictures that he promised to bring back, one week in Scorpion Bay with all of those toys is bound to be fun.
Not as crazy as Mateo here and ready to charge Baja with a truck load of toys, but still want to do something new and interesting this summer? Try a paddle surf lesson. Contact us at or 619-213-6622. Give it a try. The water in the bay has been in the mid 70's and perfect for paddling.


Anonymous said...

be safe,
that whole rig is a huge advertisement for put a gun to my head and threaten my family,
just ask roger from last summer

Anonymous said...

first stop bahia tortugas than go back north about 35 mins to punta eugenia on the coast washboard.launch that hobie to natividad island nice coves to park the cat and to catch some waves if its on.very doable. captneg9.good luck watch out for the pirates of cedros.

Chad said...
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Chad said...

I thought it looked pretty crazy myself. But upon closer inspection he has everything strapped and bolted on there pretty solidly. I know Mexico can get pretty sketchy, but Matt's Baja skills are up there with the best. I only know one other guy that has logged more hours in Baja and that is the guy who taught Matt.