Sunday, August 24, 2008

A brief intermission: update

I know you're on the edge of your seat. You want to know about the Franken-paddle and the other spots we surfed down in Mexico- but I need to take a brief break to pop in some "just in" stuff.

Yep, that's a rack of new boards over at the Tim Stamps board mill. And, yes sir, that one with the fancy stripe on the deck pad looks friggin' ridiculous- hmmm, is that a quad I see on that one? And, yep, you could have one made to order.

Here's Tim's personal 9'1" shred-rocket. Where would this thing take you- and what would the ride be like. I can only imagine- but I like what I see!


Unknown said...

I want the polka dot one!!

John Ashley said...

Cool, let's order one up for you! It could be 9'6" by 31" by 4.5" thick that'd be perfect for you and it may be just a total "coincidence" but those are the exact dimensions that would fit Chad too.... hmmm I bet Chad would be all for it!

When are you going to write a... "What it's like to be married to a SUP freak" article?

Unknown said...

Don't know if Chad would dig the polka dots but for an awesome board he may not care :)
Good idea for an article, will start working on it!