Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blueline Paddle Surf: Santa Barbara's Premier Stand Up Source Goes Online!

I almost met Jim Brewer once. It was at the Hennessey's Colorado River Run. I knew he was going to be there- we'd communicated by email. Unfortunately, I had no idea what he looked like and we didn't bother to exchange phone numbers. He told me that he'd be paddling with Ron House and crew so I figured I'd just bump into him when those guys showed up at the race. Problem was I'd also never met Ron House before and likewise didn't know who I was looking for. So after embarrassing myself a couple of times ("Hey are you Jim Brewer?") I figured I'd had enough humiliation for the day and blew it off.

But the internet never rests and blogs must always be fed so we stayed in contact online. And it was through Jim's blog (www.bluelinepaddlesurf.com) that I first heard that he and a group of friends were opening up Santa Barbara's first legitimate stand up paddle surf shop, Blue Line Paddle Surf. And after finally talking to Jim on the phone and getting a feel for what he's all about, I am certain that this is the right shop opened by the right people for all the right reasons. To put it bluntly, these guys are the original Santa Barbara stand up paddle fanatics- they've got serious paddle surfing problems and they're working them out on a daily basis!

I also have to say that I'm a little bit jealous- a whole shop dedicated to only stand up paddle surfing! If I didn't live almost three hundred miles away from it, I'd be earning my spot right up against that front counter- reliving my shop rat days, hoping to nab a free sticker or at least some deck pad scraps. If you're anywhere within a hundred miles of Santa Barbara, definitely stop in and check the place out. I'll pop my head in as soon as the big winter swells start pushing down the Santa Barbara channel. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to kick back in the Blueline Lounge-Zone (Brewer says there'll be a dedicated shop sofa), mack a post-surf burrito and waste some serious time debating important issues like deck pad texture (lines or diamonds?).

Shoot, I might even get a chance to meet this Brewer character.

Check out the Blueline Paddle Surf website at www.bluelinepaddlesurf.com


Jim Brewer said...

Thanks John. Come by the shop any time for your pre-surf burrito, just bring me one too. You might have to fight for a spot on the couch in the BlueLine Lounge however. We also have a shower so if you bring beer with the burritos you can use that as well after your surf. Thanks again for the post. OUT.

John Ashley said...

Sweet can I bring my Loofa?

Stoked for the shop- it's gonna be sick!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barney!!!!! Its jake. Hey Jim.