Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cold and Empty: 'cept for me and some salmon.

It's not all about flat water in Oregon- there's surf there and most of the time it's just you and the fish. And a bunch of boats. And a slow trolled array of razor sharp, spring steel, Gamakatsu 12/0s. Don't ever get between a fisherman and a salmon run- these guys are like Ahab on crack.

Even if what you're paddling to turns out to be a head high, empty left- all you'll think about is the propeller dodging you'll be doing on the return trip. I'd rather run barefoot and blindfolded across the 405 sporting an "Obama-nation" sticker on my ass then paddle through that death zone again.

I don't know, maybe it was worth it!

I won't name the spot but I will tell you that there was a weird little cat-house town built and maintained by the local people for all the stray cats that'd been dumped at the spot. I stuck a couple of dollars in the box- I'm a dog guy- but cat's are cool.

This guys probably been fishing this spot for thirty years and he's either never noticed the cool little wedge jammed down into his fishing hole or he's seen it eight foot and perfect. I like to think that down there next to his gaff is an old-school Lis fish and a set of Duckfeet fins. And that may be just a trace of stinkeye I'm picking up.

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Andy Gere said...

I love salmon fishing. I mean I really love it. I've got the boat in the harbor, all the gear, electronics, downriggers, the whole gig. The salmon bite could be wide open, and that empty line up would still have me over the side and paddling in on the lid of my 128 quart Igloo.

Speaking of salmon boats, I always get a kick out of those funny lookin' metal jobs that are so popular in that part of the country. Functional, yeah, but absolutely no soul. And the only Lis fish that's ever been in that boat was a fat Chinook named after his better half...

John Ashley said...

Then you know the sickness these guys are afflicted with!

A fun wave- in a cold climate!

Anonymous said...

i paddle that.captneg9.just back from mainland inland.cant wait to go back.feel like hanging it up here and paddle some presas in gto.just about 4hrs from ixtapa.could go for the weekends.john how do you find time for this web page.keep it up.thank you.steve king.

John Ashley said...

Hell ya you would! El Capitan Neg 9 ain't afraid of nothin'. Now get your ass back here... although you haven't missed much the giant shallow sand bar is still there and we haven't had a big storm to cut holes in it yet!

Don't be a puss drive to Nexpa- take some photos.

Anonymous said...

still waiting for my board to be fixed aint no fun on the big girl.going to san miguel on sat.miguel no waves all summer i hear.3ms packed.nexpa anoter fine river mouth left hand point break.surfed in 85 and 86 just remember the amount of green for so little pesos.captneg9.