Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Blade: Doing it the right way.

The Franken-paddle episode in mainland Mexico was a real bummer. Not only was my whole trip in jeopardy but that Quick Blade Kanaha was my favorite paddle. Light, fast and comfortable that blade just fit me perfectly. I was able to cobble together a solution but I knew that when I got back home I'd still be down one really nice paddle.

Photo: My favorite sweep with a blade that's just about perfect for surfing and cruising.

Imagine how surprised I was to get a phone call and email from Jim Terrell, the owner of Quickblade! Jim called to get the scoop on what had happened down in Mexico and wanted to make sure that I got another one of his paddles into my hands. I was stoked! I told him that the way that the paddle failed (in a soft crease over versus an explosive crack) led me to believe that it must have been damaged on the flight down. In an exchange of emails he suggested that I upgrade the shaft I was using to a stiffer, pre-preg. version that's offered as an option for those of us who really put a bend on these things. He even offered to build the paddle to my measurements and added on Quick Blade's ultra-comfy padded grip. Can you say, "semi-custom"?

Photo: Look what came in the mail!

Since the failure of the shaft was no fault of the paddle or its design, I offered to pay for the pre-preg. replacement shaft- Jim however replaced the whole paddle for me for basically the cost of the materials. I thought this was a beyond-fair deal and am sure that if the paddle had actually been defective, replacing it completely wouldn't have been a problem at all.

Photo: Pre-preg. shaft, I don't thing this one's going to snap- but I'll put it to the test.

Quick Blade is a company that stands behind its product and values user feed back. In my dealings with Jim Terrell I didn't feel like I was pleading my case for a replacement paddle so much as I was collaborating with a paddle builder who was looking to make the best stand up paddle on the market. And, in the end, those actions speak much louder than words or warranties.

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Unknown said...

I think Chad needs one of those!

John Ashley said...

I think so too- Christmas is coming!!!

Anonymous said...

thats a stand up guy.i deal with different vendors in the plumbing industry some are like jim from q.b. and majority are not like jim.guess who gets the orders the stand up guys lie quick blade.and when my c.4. cracks i will sure give q.b. my money.captneg9.

srfnff said...


John Ashley said...

Hey Neg9-

Yep- I'm sure you've had dealings with some bad apples. QB were good people- I really liked that first version I had too- the flex was nice on it and it was feather light.

The pre-preg is BURLEY but it's stiff- the regular version is more comfortable I think- but you know me I wanted the KING KONG paddle!

Let's surf this weekend!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary---

Yeah, pre-preg. I should've explained myself. Check the most recent post I put some info up.

Keep shredding- and let me know when Mike's back out there.


Anonymous said...

off to inland mainland going to drink some pulca and eat some real mexican food.stillwaiting for board repair miss the 10;0.paddle at the shores yeterday afternoon late.met another paddler name is pat riding a blane chambers 10.4.going to get wet thursday then off to red eye from close to some great surf but i need to see my inlaws.captneg9.

Bob said...

What's the blade width on your new QB paddle?
Thanks, Bob

John Ashley said...

Hey Bob-

That blade's 9" wide. It's the Kanaha blade- I really like it. Light, good bite, steady through the water- with the soft grip it's pretty sweet.