Saturday, September 6, 2008

South Shows: A little Grindy

Here's what we've been dealing with down here the last couple of days. I've been hearing a lot of, "You can't ride one of those out there..." comments. The general idea being that a stand up board just doesn't fit low tide suck-out conditions. Comments like that just fire me up to paddle out and show what can be done. Funny how 90% of the guys riding short boards are just taking off, pumping down the line, pulling out or maybe throwing a cutback- just like we're doing on our stand up boards. Equally funny is the fact that we could swap boards and catch waves on their equipment while most of them couldn't even stand up for more than thirty seconds, let alone catch a wave, on our GIANT gear.

And, yeah, I'm throwing that down as a challenge. Paddle on up and let's see what you can, or most likely can't, do.

I think we're busting down our own set of boundaries here on the beach breaks. Each time we step up to the plate and paddle out the surf playing field gets a little bigger and wider for us stand up guys.

We're even surprising ourselves with what can be done. And we haven't even started riding the new shapes that'll be coming around in the next month or so. Bring on those meaty winter days- we're ready.

Hope your getting some too.

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K3rM1t said...

Nice! I can't quite get out in that wave, but who cares, I'm still havin' fun!

I've been getting a lot of, "you only like SUP because you're not good at it yet" (which is funny, cuz I don't think I'm that bad!)

Good to see guys that are ripping and still loving it.