Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WildCoast Surf Contest: Stand Up Division Sign Up Before Oct. 3rd!

Okay California stand up surfers- if you've been waiting all year to enter a surf contest now's the time to act. Fire up and sign up for WildCoast's 5th Annual Dempsey Holder Ocean Festival and Surf Contest. This is Imperial Beach's premier surf contest with heats for everyone from Grom to Geezer. This year we need stand up paddlers to register before October 5th or our heat will be cut! Act now before it's too late!

Support WildCoast, surf in the Dempsey. If you haven't heard of WildCoast go check out their website- these are people you want to know about. I call them Baja's surf-soldiers. They man the beachhead frontlines of the war for clean water and pristine surf spots. They're doing the dirty work, battling evil forces to preserve clean tubes for you, me and the future.

So what's in it for you? A lot! This is one value filled surf contest. At other contests an entry fee gets you all the cold sand and mushy waves you can stomach. The Dempsey's a bit different. Thirty five bucks gets you into both the contest and the Awards BBQ. It also scores you an event tee-shirt and every contestant gets a goody bag (I'm still digging those brown Volcom socks from last year!). Best of all, you get to surf firing, top to bottom, Imperial Beach sand bar wedges.

Let's talk about that Awards BBQ food: Last year it was three taco-guys slinging carne and pollo asada tacos with enough rice, beans, chips and salsa to keep you carbo-loaded well into the final rounds. We're talking about legitimate taqueros; tacos move surfers like a cattle prod to the gnards- so what are you waiting for!

Serge, Ben and all the WildCoast boys love stand up paddle surfers but they've got a lot heats to run so if we don't show strong interest early, they'll chop us off at the deck pad. So get off your keester and get those fingers tapping- go to the WildCoast Dempsey registration page and sign yourself up. Do it NOW!

Stand up paddle surf lessons available now in sunny, happy, San Diego. All lessons are private lessons- we specialized in differentiated, scaffolded, schema-building, self-esteem nourishing, challenging yet supportive stand up paddle surf instruction. Our instructors are versed in both Eastern and Western philosophies of paddle grip and foot work techniques.

But really... give us a ring 619.213.6622 or email if you're interested in learning to do one of the best water sports under the sun! Stand up paddle surfing is for everyone- call us now!


Anonymous said...

Mahalo!! The Wildcoast boys look forward to a mega-SUP heat. But we've heard rumors about SUP eat till you drop taco sessions in Mex, so the SUP crew will be restricted to .25 taco, .15 rice order, .37 bean order and one chip. Plus you can all use the drinking fountain to refresh yourselves.



John Ashley said...

".25 taco, .15 rice order, .37 bean order and one chip"

Just another example of the Man coming down on us!

Rise up and unite sweep-brothers- let's flood this thing with carbon fiber oars and giant broom barges!

See you there!

Anonymous said...

Yo I'm there!!! I got a resistration form on my windshield when I went surfing this morning I'm gonna turn it in Tomm. after work

John Ashley said...

Hey Gabe!

You'll have a lot of fun out there- and the Award Night is fun too- lots of good food and cool stuff.

You can also register online- super easy and fast!

See you in the water-