Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sucks/Doesn't Suck

Sucks: Some insect bit my hand and put a big old knot in the top of it. That boil is now so itchy I'm thinking about taking some 60 grit to it- but I'm afraid I'll expose the botfly larvae that is undoubtedly festering in there. This sucks.

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Doesn't Suck: Burritos from this place. If you're driving past Isla Vista, pull off the highway, go straight to Freebirds. Order a chicken monster burrito, say yes to the rice, say yes to the beans (select the whole pintos), say yes to onion and cilantro, say yes to the cheese, say yes to the sour cream. And while the purists will cringe, do like I do and have them load it with extra bbq sauce. My all time favorite burrito.

Sucks: Day's are getting shorter, water's getting colder, tan is fading. Sucks.

Doesn't Suck: Loving the pre-preg. Quick Blade that I'm pushing- the thing feels pretty solid and I dig the size and shape of that Kanaha blade.

Sucks: The disc player just went out on my '07 Tundra and the refrigerator in my RV got recalled. They surely do not make things like they used to; who ever heard of a Japanese radio not working?

Doesn't Suck: I've got two Baja paddle surf trips on my horizon. One will be a November return to Punta Mysterioso with Senor Borracho and the Mystery Men. The other will be a run down to Palapas Ventana for Southern Baja's first ever stand up paddle race. And cold Pacificos? They never suck.

Sucks: Pesky south wind. Pesky north wind. Pesky west wind. Pesky giant sand bar that no amount of tide can breach. Pesky closeout thumpers.

Doesn't Suck: 9'4 x 29.5" x 4.3" Light, curvy and made to carve like a Ronco Ginsu. Stay tuned for this new stick!

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Chad said...

Killer Post! Baja paddle race? Details!

Anonymous said...

Stand up paddlers who aren't disabled people or elderly people suck. Why surf with a crutch if you don't need it? O ya to cheat and be a pussy. They should be embarrassed just paddling out. Surf like you got pair. Short boarders hold your heads up high.