Sunday, February 15, 2009

A couple more off the Go Pro

Here's a few from the Go Pro archives. Just a couple of shots I like- kind of brings me back to when we had some fun surf.

Photo: I like this photo because it's pretty sharp, good resolution (those cameras are so cool) and you've got some horizon in it. Plus, the water looks so smooth and clean, what a killer day.

Photo: This photos off kilter but it's cool because it's got a foreground and a background. Check out that wave that's getting ready to unload across the sand bar. That was an unreal day of surf, LDS guys were getting barrels all over the place. The right hander in front of me is breaking in about a foot and a half of water. Dues were paid that day with several guys getting thumped off the bottom. There were injuries. To tell you the truth it was thick and mean enough that I wanted nothing to do with trying to stuff a 9'4" x 29.5" wide stand up into a swirling death hole. No thanks.

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