Monday, February 2, 2009 Shaping one up video clip

Cowboy took some time to set up the video camera and film Stamps shaping up a little rip stick. I got so stoked on the clip that I poached it off YouTube and brought it here for your viewing pleasure. This one's not a stand up board but I'm pushing Cowboy to give us a SUP specific shaping film. And I happen to know that a smaller Viking model is in the works, so you never know....

Stand up paddle surf lessons in sunny, warm, beautiful San Diego.
If you're interested in getting out and learning to stand up paddlesurf- you've come to the right place. Our lessons will get you started safely and correctly. Your first lesson will be held on the calm, flat waters of the San Diego Bay. We've put over a hundred people on stand up boards and have found that starting in water that you can handle is the way to go. Give us an call (619.213.6622) or email and we'll get you on the Lesson Calender today!

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