Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hawaiian Style: Always Cool!

I got a tip that my friend Sheldon was shooting some cool Go Pro nose-mount photos up the coast and so after a couple of emails, I got the goods. I thought I'd just post one or two of the shots but they're all so good that I just had to get 'em all up. I'm digging the paddle style- keep ripping Sheldon! And- next time when you get some good shots don't make me come beggin'! Shoots.

Photo: I'm digging the little slice of horizon in the corner of this photo- and the positioning. Go Pro nose shots are cool when you can frame 'em up with something to ground the shot- this one's got it going on.

Photo: How rad is the back lighting on this one? Now we just need all that and six foot, open barrels! Gonna have to stuff that 9'6" Paddle Surf Hawaii right into the hole- 'cause the camera's watching.

Photo: Slidin' one, cool style.

Photo: And that's a wrap- the fish eye on the Go Pro gives you a neat perspective- made to shoot surf but givin' up a pretty nice landscape shot too. How killer is this little camera? For $149 bucks nothing else does it better!

Thanks for the shots Sheldon!


Sheldon Abril said...

Mahalo for the spot!

John Ashley said...

Anytime! And I dig those photos- nice job.


Anonymous said...

Sheldon- Very nice - will they be on Blane's site? You should send them in if you haven't...

Sheldon Abril said...

I haven't sent these particular pictures, but I did send one a while back. Maybe I'll try sending one again... a little embarrassed though, these waves are mini compared to what those guys are charging back home.

Anonymous said...

It's art - size doesn't matter... ha ha.