Friday, February 27, 2009

Dave Craig Stand Up Paddle: 7'10 x 29" x 4"

Dave Craig makes beautiful stand up boards. That's what happens when you've been shaping for four decades. Check out this fresh new board for Gail up at La Jolla Shores. Gail's one of the regulars up there, she paddles everyday that it's surfable with her core crew of dawn patrol fanatics. For the last couple of years she's been ripping hard on hand-me-down boards put together by Dave and passed along by Mitch of Mitch's Surf Shop. Here's what she's been patiently waiting for. This one's custom made for her; sized to fit and ready to rip! Check it out.

Photo: Double bump, swallow tail- five fin boxes for all of the options. 7'10 x 29", let's see you find one of those off the rack.

Photo: Gail's initial report on this one is super positive; she loves it! Don't worry, I'm committed to tracking down the full story on this one.

Photo: Eventually, if you're serious about this sport, you'll want to have a board made for you. It's the next step. Take it.


Anonymous said...

my name is mike peoples, and im from topsail island, nc. i love sup and im in it for the long haul. ive been surfing short boards for 20 years and sup has taken me by storm. ive been blastin airs on my 9'8" jimmy lewis, i could only imagine what i could do with this board. ill be in touch!


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. I love the look of the Dave Craig boards. Does anyone have info on how to contact this guy to order a new stick? Any website links.

I live a couple hours north of San Diago and can't find any contacts for this guy.

Any help would be great!!