Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stu Kenson Zapper: 9'10" x 30" x 4.25"

Stu Kenson just dropped off a hot looking board; one of his new Zapper model SUBs. Can't wait to get it into some solid waves and let her run- this one just reeks of speed.

Quad fin, advanced bottom effects, tuned rocker- it's all happening here. Check the outline, Stu pushed the wide point back so you can get your back foot over the fins and drive, rather than pendulum, through turns.

I've been warned
, though, to take it slowly. Stu says jumping onto a quad fin SUB will require a little bit of an adjustment period, especially since I ride 2 + 1 set ups with moderately large center fins. Getting water time on this one may be tough, I'm already getting phone calls from the boys- all wanting to give the Zap a run. We'll keep you posted.

Photo: Full frag-pad set up straight out of the SK board shop. I like it- really grippy and still nice and comfy.


Anonymous said...

i want to zap that zapper.captneg9.

John Ashley said...

Hey Steve-

You're going to have to get in line! There's already a growing list of guys who want to try it out and Big Chad just grabbed it today!

But have no fear- I'll have it here when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

Very nice board. How's the bottom? I'm starting to develop a preference for a very slight concave in the nose and a long double barrel concave running through the board. I'm riding a board like that now with thin rails and I find that I can really drive the board down the line from further back near the tail.

The quad should be interesting. It's been hit or miss for me on that. In general I prefer the 2 + 1. Thrusters do nothing for me on a SUP. Next board I get will have 5 fin boxes. I'll be in San Diego for six weeks in June so I'm going to check Stamps out. Tony Dakine

John Ashley said...

Hi Tony-

I'll be here in SD until the 13th - I'll be in mainland Mex after that- if you'd like to borrow one of my boards to try out let's do it.

I haven't gotten that quad into any good, open faced surf yet so I've got no data points on it other than it paddles really well. We should know something soon though since everybody's jumping on it to try it out. I'll keep you posted.

Agreed on the quads and thruster- I really like two plus one set ups- they just feel more positive and drivey don't they? I'm keeping an open mind on this quad because it'll pretty much be the first one I can ride a bunch and get a feel for- so again, we'll see.

As for bottoms: My 9'4" Stamps is the fastest board I've been on so far- it's got an early single leading to a double and then vee out the tail- it may also be those fins I use that give it so much squirt. I swear, those Future Tech foils 467s are like stepping on a banana peel.

Right on, Tony- hope you're getting some surf over there!

Anonymous said...

where is the big chad report.iam up next or is it next life.hope that thing surfs better than the to the kings court.captneg9.

John Ashley said...

You're high up on the list... let's just put it like that.

No Slumdog here this one's made in the USA by the hands of a craftsman!