Thursday, February 12, 2009

Worth Checking Out: New Stand Up Shapes and a hot quiver.

Stu Kenson's making some sweet stand up boards- and there's a new member to the family; The Zapper. Be sure to click on over to Stu's site (it's been recently updated and looks good) you'll want to check out his latest creations. Rumor has it that a Zapper may be coming to the testing center. Be sure to check back.

What's a quiver?
Check out some of the hardcore SK Owner/Operators at Stu's blog and find out just what an authentic quiver looks like. This month's featured collection includes the full carbon Low Rider and another called the White Whale plus a bunch of other cool lay down surf (henceforth known as LDS) boards.

This man's got the goods.

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