Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Big Chad Report

We just can't get enough video of ourselves! Isn't that true for us all? Maybe we are just camera sluts, but even when the surf isn't great we want to see the footage. Here is what we got from today. Not the best looking surf (it took about an hour of looking at it and waiting for the tide before we paddled out) but we ended up having a lot of fun and getting better surf than we expected.


John Ashley said...

Just for the record:

1. That wasn't a girl it was a white guy with dreadlocks.

2. Yes, I would have purposefully run him over if he hadn't pulled out. That's why they're called speed bumps.

3. Yes, I would do it again.

4. Nope- haven't seen him around before- the guy needs to learn some manners.

5. Wearing a rash guard over a wetsuit serves no purpose other than give me a better visual on the target I'm aiming for.

Just so you know where I stand. Have a nice day.

John Ashley said...

Oh yeah- nice job on that flick Chad. You're not fired- in fact, you're promoted.

Sheldon Abril said...

sweet video! today definitely turned out better than I thought it was going to be. I've never taken that many backside waves in one session before. mahalo for the session!

John Ashley said...

Saw you hit some good backside lippers Sheldon- shwack!

Thanks for letting me ride your PSH 9'6"- fast and loose, feels like a surfboard- nice ride.

Surf more soon.

Anonymous said...


John Ashley said...

Yeah, I feel really bad about that.... NOT!!!!!