Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Chad: Stamps Viking 10'0

Big Chad picked up his new Big Vike about a week before he shoved off to mainland Mex. The thing's got the best spray job I've ever seen on a stand up board- it's mesmerizing. Really. This board's 10'x 31" x 4.5", built for a big boy. Let's all bother Big Chad to write us a Big Vike review. Until then, check it out:

Big Chad, non-paddle drag, bottom turn- better be able to sink a rail if you're going to do one of these. Noodle-leggers need not apply.

For how small of a wave this is...

...the kid
really moves some water around. This is what you get when you put your back leg into the turn. Notice how Chad's board is pointing all the way back from the direction he came? That's how you wrap and snap- nice work tough guy.

Where's the Big Chad/Big Vike review? Check back!

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