Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting a little slow around here... what happened to the surf?

Surfers are fickle creatures- one minute we're stoked beyond all comprehension (last week) the next day we're grumpy and pissed off (now). It's all about what's in the water and as of right now... it's really not happening. Hurricane Carlos is moving the wrong way and it's looking like the wind is going to get back on it starting tomorrow. Bummer.

Here's some photos, maybe that will make you happy. Speaking of photos, if you haven't been clicking over to BeachSurf, you should- J.Wall's been putting up some good beach-life type stuff- lots of local ripping... I think this last post might be summed up with one word: bikini.

There's been more people
picking up stand up paddling this year than ever before- I'm seeing it everywhere and the lessons are blowing up. So far I've had people come from New York, Idaho and Arizona to learn to stand up paddle here in sunny San Diego. The water has been so nice lately and the weather so perfect that I can't blame 'em- this is an excellent place to learn to stand up paddle! Click here for more information about our stand up paddle lessons.

Dreaming of somewhere south
... such a fun wave. Can't wait to get back down there!

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