Monday, July 27, 2009

Stupid Good: Three days of roping surf...

I'm done! Three days of very good waves here in town and I'm cooked. If you want to see what it looked like go to BeachSurf and check out all the photos JWall has been posting. Not too many stand up shots yet but the snap master says he's got some he's cropping up so they should be up soon. Check back I've got a couple up my sleeve too.

Pull in and eat sand.
That's a 6'+ man in there, gettin' as small as possible.

Some fun ones out there. Definitely not the spot for the point and pose posse. These waves required you to drive it down the line you'd and run 'em all the way up to the sand. I like the paddle on that side much better!


Anonymous said...

peanut butta cup!! you liked my word so much you took it to print !! stupid good = translation. muy bueno

k. ferr

John Ashley said...

KFerr- sup dog! Get in the water holmes!