Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here's a couple more photos from down south...

I hear you. It may seem like I'm holding out on the full report- but I'm not. I'm just trying to get back to normal. And I'll tell you what's crazy- I'm seeing stand up paddle everywhere around here. And the stand up paddle surf lessons are going nuts- I'm booked everyday!

I'm ruminating about how I'm going to report on this one. I'm thinking "vignette" which isn't something you put on a salad. Maybe a story in captions... something like that. Whatever. Here's a couple more shots:

Another overview of the point.
I've said it before- this is not the main event wave in the area- but it makes a hell of a back up wave.

You know the story right? On the good days, no surfer worth his flip flops was going to sit around and shoot vid or photos, so the best days went undocumented. Out of my fourteen days down there I'd say that two were in the, "dude, are you kidding me about what we're scoring right now?" category and eight were in the, "this would be all-time at home" ranking.

Pack it in. Getting the car you ordered is a crap shoot. We reserved a van a year ahead of the trip- we ended up with a Durango for a couple days and the van for the remainder. Be flexible, things change in Mexico.

You step off the plane
and the warm, wet, towel hits you hard. It's the tropics, man. Slow down, hydrate and smile. Here's Marcos doing all three.

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Jeff Wallis said...

"On the good days, no surfer worth his flip flops was going to sit around and shoot vid or photos"

What the hell do mean by that John Boy??

If it werent for us old grumpy dudes with the cameras where would all those kickass pics of you SUP BOYZ doin your thing come from??

John Ashley said...

I wish you were down there on the good days to snap away.... there were some definite photo ops. Did you get some photos of the good Mon. and Tues. while I was gone?

Anonymous said...

quit messen around johnny boy let loose.captneg9.stop that stripper act.