Friday, July 3, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Surf Video: Mainland 2009

Here's a little bit of the point, eats and friends. Check it out:

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All stand up boards were made by Tim Stamps, go check his site at

Farmer Dave's (light blue rashguard, yellow and black camo pad on all white board) is on one of Tim's new shapes- it's a 9.0', little bump in the tail, foiled and a bit wider- the thing looks fun, I regret not giving it a whirl.

Big Chad's on a blue railed 10' Viking model- Chad's at least 260lbs- so for all you big boys out there who think you're stuck on some 12' Starboard tanker, there's hope- get a real board. I'm on a 9'4 Viking (235lbs) and Mike's (orange railed SUB on top of the rental car) on a 9'2 Vike.

Here's a tip: order a new board.

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Anonymous said...

john-good times...wish i could have stayed longer with you guys.....
next time...
great clip....

Anonymous said...

What a blast John Boy!
Same time next year???
I miss the El Rancho Breakfast.


John Ashley said...

Mr. Stamps-

I think you guys really scored the good stuff... storm came in right off the coast and blew it out for a couple of days- we did score two really nice days right before we left. More days next time and a little exploration.... who knows???

John Ashley said...

Hey Farmer-

Super fun down there- wouldn't mind doing it again....

Got to say you were laying down some nice lines in that clip... is that 9'0 now part of the F.D. quiver?

Count me in for next year!