Friday, July 10, 2009

When it all comes together...

Killer day of surf yesterday! Sunny and glassy all day long. Even better, the water temp is notching back up into the "comfortable to trunk it zone". Down side are the summer crowds- tough to park close to the spot. Solution? Electra cruiser, board rack and my 6'4" Stamps fish. Got a couple of fun ones. All photos: Jeff Wallis


Anonymous said...

When you click on the second pic of the sequence, you see your style in the turn. Awesome Tommy Curren slash but goofyfoot! You are shredding the super fish like a maniac. Going to house of waves in September to hopefully score some reelers.


Anonymous said...

Sunset Cliff says hell yeah! Keep the random pics coming. Got a long paddle today out of Swamis, what a day on the water!!