Thursday, May 27, 2010

8'3" Stand-O: Plus-One San Diego

Stukey (pronounced: Stew-Key) is no chump. The guy knows surfboards, he's been surfing practically his whole life and he rips. Stand-o or crawler he knows how to make work 'em.  Importantly, he also why they work- which is cool for me because I'm always up to learn something new. When I got word that he was hunting me down, frothing about something crazy-new from his friends up at Plus-One I knew it'd be worth taking a look.

This one is a little too small for me but it's pretty damn interesting nonetheless. Stukey saw it and basically ran out the door with it, promising to get it back tomorrow- the shapers haven't even ridden it yet. His first impressions are positive- ridiculous speed and good old, back footed, chainsaw carving (thank you thruster set up). Check it out: 

Photo: Stukey and the machine... light, low volume and ready to fly.

Photo: A clean, sweet outline. A little width in the nose and a round tail.... anybody think this might be suited to an open-faced, full, reef type wave... breaking in front of cliffs... hmmm.

Photo: This board is all about the bottom effects. Curve in the rail line but flat across the stringer. Carve and speed... but what's the trick of getting point A to point B? Check out the dished out bottom.

Photo: Well part of the answer might be carving out a substantial single concave from the front of fins to just about the nose.... flatten the area along the stringer but keep the curve in the rail... hmmm.

Photo: Like I said, Stukey's no chump- he rides all kinds of stuff. For comparison, look at this little board. He calls it "The Molar", the thing is only about 4'6"- and it's not a novelty; he rips that thing. 

Photo: The Molar and the Stukey... working it.

Thanks to Stukey for letting me check it out and to the guys at Plus-One for okaying the photos. I'm interested to hear more about how this board goes- the thing looks cool.


Unknown said...

John, You should stop by PlusOne and have George give you a tour of his shop. I've got a 9-6 and can't say enough good things about it.

Anonymous said...

john interesting that a least somebody has taken jeff alexanders bottom turned the v inverted from rail to rail been on this bottom for 10 years what makes this bottom special is the lift that is created when riding and stability.i bet the transition from rail to rail is super fast with no goofy reactions.alexander makes this same board for lay down guys calls it tube dog on program at kkl c&c also mauris cole is using the same bottom with big wave surfer jeff clark.steve king

George at Plus One said...

Actually Steve, you are not too far off, Maurice had his hand in shaping that board...

John Ashley said...

Got a demo for a 235lber...?

Anonymous said...

lucky you george a cole board master shaper willing to expand the mind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, actually John we are working on a couple "Next Gen" boards right now, one of which should handle 235lbs... ...wished I could post photos, ha.

John Ashley said...

Sweet! Would love to do a test ride- shoot some vid of it! Lemme know: