Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Gerry Lopez Stand Up Paddle Surf Photos

Here's a couple more from LJS's roll of spy film. Check 'em:

Photo: Stuck to the face like a fly on tar paper. Nice and glassy... and mean (or as Sheldon would say: meeaaannn!).

Photo: Is it me or is that thing forming a little ledgey-Shipsterny double up right below GL's board? It may look serenely hypnotic but the truth is probably something a little less pastoral.

Photo: Another example of the gnarl-factor: check out how much of his board is out of the water as he comes over this little ledge. What are you thinking on that board? 8'6, 8'10? I'm making the call that it's under 9'0... anybody out there with some data?

Photo: Cakewalk... nuff said.


Sheldon said...

we need the sequence of shots that the 2nd picture came from!!! drawing a high line on that wall, no paddle usage and eyes down the line... let me guess.... SHACKED!

michael said...

A true swordsman, I'm guessing its the 8'11" little darling

John Ashley said...

Yep- I had heard that it was an 8'10 custom that he made for himself... anybody else?

John Ashley said...

Sheldon... SUP boat trip to Ments?

Unknown said...

I'm guessing the same: 8′11 “Lil’ Darlin'

Unknown said...

I'm guessing the same thing as Micheal: 8′11 Lil’ Darling